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Delta School District, Vancouver, Canada

Delta School District, Vancouver, Canada
Delta School District is located 30 minutes from Vancouver city and has 33 schools in three cities.

Delta offers 1 month, study terms up to full year and summer programs. With continuous entry, students can enter at the beginning of each month all year long and can join regular Canadian classes. Free airport pick up and free guardianship are provided. Delta has 95% English speaking students, so it is an ideal location for learning English.

Surrounded by water and touching the USA border, Delta has beautiful beaches and natural environments.

The residents are mostly college and university educated. Delta ranks among the top districts in Canada for student achievement and has national award winning teachers. Delta has the lowest crime rate in the Vancouver area, so it is extremely safe. Delta staff run the homestay program personally (no outside private company) There are exciting monthly sightseeing activity programs.

There is also a advanced sports academies in hockey, baseball, golf, softball and soccer for talented students developing skills at a professional level. International students are fully integrated into classes with Canadian students with small numbers at each school. Delta has IB and AP programs for honours students. Elite Academies in Film, Acting and Dance are also available, plus the usual clubs and sports teams.

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