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Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Year found: 1930
Legal form: State
Country: Russia
Awards: Bachelor Degree
  Specialist Degree
  Master Degree
  Doctoral Programmes
City: Moscow
Study language: Russian, English

Experience in teaching foreign students and total amount of overseas alumni Education of foreigners since 1946. Total amount of alumni - about 7500.

Moscow Power Institute (Technical University) – MPEI – was founded in 1930 in Moscow at the very beginning of world power engineering development and was widened and enlarged with discovering of new energy sources, solving new scientific and technological problems, implementing of new methods of energy generation, distribution and consumption. MPEI is of the same age as Russia Power Engineering.

Now MPEI is the largest educational and scientific centre, one of the main technical universities in Russia in the field of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Radio Engineering and Electronics, Informatics and Computer Science. MPEI is rigged up with educational and scientific laboratories, offices and lecture halls with modern equipment and technical training aids. MPEI has the official status of Technical University and is a member of International Association of Universities, which represents interests of international higher education. MPEI holds one of the leading places in every-year official rating among technical universities of Russia.

Now MPRI consists of 7 Technical Institutes, Preliminary faculty, Qualification raising faculty for specialists from industry and educational institutions, Institute of Humanities, Institute of technology, ecology and business, Russian –German Institute MPEI-FESTO, Institute of business safety and Linguistics Institute. There are 70 Departments in MPEI, 550educational laboratories for students, more than 100 research laboratories and High-tech Centre. Now more than 12,000 students and 500 Ph.D. students are trained at MPEI, including 900 foreign students and postgraduates from 66 countries.

Automatics and Computer engineering:
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • Equipment and Methods of Quality Control and diagnostics
  • Control and Informatics in Technical Systems
  • Computing Machines, Complexes, Systems and Networks
  • Computing Aided Design Systems
  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Computer Engineering
Electrical Power Engineering:
  • Management of Enterprise (in Electrical Power Engineering)
  • High – Voltage Electric and Power Engineering
  • Non – Conventional and Renewable Energy Sources
  • Relay Control and Automation of Electrical Power System
  • Electric Power Stations
  • Electric Power Systems and Networks
  • Electric Power Supply (in industries)
Power Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
  • Boiler and Reactor Manufacturing
  • Gas and Steam Turbine Installations and Engines
  • Machines and Technologies for Highly Efficient Material Processing
  • Dynamics and Strength of Machines
  • Hydraulic Machines, Hydraulic Drives, Hydro – and Pneumatic Control
  • Robots and Robotic Systems
Electrical Engineering
  • Management of Enterprise (in Electrical Engineering)
  • Electromechanics
  • Electrical and Electronic Apparatuses
  • Electrical Drive and Automation of Industrial Installations and Technological System
  • Electrical – Technological Installations and Systems
  • Electrical Transport
  • Electrical Equipment of Flying Vehicles
  • Electrical Equipment of Factories, Offices and Institutions
  • Electrical Insulators and Cables Engineering , Capacitors Technology
  • Engineering environmental Protection
Power Engineering Efficiency Problems
  • Economics and Management of Enterprises (in Thermal Power Industry)
  • Industrial Heat – and – Power Engineering
  • Power Engineering of Heat Technologies
  • Power Supply of Enterprises
  • Automatic Production and Technology Processes ( in industry)
Radio Engineering and Electronics
  • Biotechnological and Medical Devices and Systems
  • Radio – Physics and Electronics
  • Radio Engineering
  • Household Radio Electronic Equipment
  • Radio-Electronic System
  • Illuminating Technology and Light Sources
  • Quantum and Optical Electronics
  • Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
  • Electronic Devices and Systems
  • Industrial Electronics
Head and Nuclear Power Engineering
  • Management of Enterprise (in Thermal Power Engineering)
  • Thermal Power Stations
  • Water and Fuel Technology on the Thermal and Nuclear Power Stations
  • Low Temperature Physics and Technology
  • Thermal Physics
  • Technical Physics
  • Technical Physics of Nuclear Reactors and Plasma Installations
  • Nanomaterials
  • Automatic Production and Technology Processes ( in industry)
Technology, Economics and Business
  • Marketing
  • Crisis – Proof Administration
  • Management of Enterprise
  • Quality Control
  • Finances and Credit
  • Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  • Mathematical Methods in Economics
  • State and Municipal in economics
  • Applied Informatics
  • Design
  • Interior Art
Business Safety
  • Economics and Management of Enterprises
  • Management of Enterprises
  • Arrangement and Technology of Information Protection
  • Complex Protection of Information Objects

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