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Pilot Training at San Diego Flight Training International

Pilot Training at San Diego Flight Training International
San Diego Flight Training International is located at San Diego's main training airport, just 20 minutes to the North of the city centre.

The Institute is approved by the United States Federal Government to train overseas students and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide a range of pilot training licenses and endorsements. This includes approvals to train for the Private Pilot Licence, Comercial Pilot Licence, Constant Speed Unit/ Retractable Endorsement, Multi Engine Endorsement, Night VFR Rating, Instrument Rating, Aerobatics Endorsement, Formation Endorsement , Tail Wheel Endorsement and Instructor Rating.

SDFTI has a fleet of over 16 training aircraft including:
   Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Piper Arrow, Piper Seneca.

The training SDFTI provide follows the United States FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) syllabus which meets ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation)standards.

Most countries are members of ICAO and each member country will recognise the licence of the other. However, if you plan on working in another member country , you will need to convert your licence to a local licence.

In most cases, this is relatively simple and requires you to:
  • Pass a local Aviation Medical Fitness Test
  • Pass a local Conversion Exam
  • Pass a local flight test
For details about converting your licence, contact us or your local Department of Civil Aviation.

Commercial Pilot Licence with Multi Engine Endorsement and Instrument Rating.

Option 1: 250 flying hours course
Including 75 hours solo (Pilot in Command)

Course Fees: US$46,300
Duration : 12 months

Option 2 : 275 flying hours course
Including 100 hours solo (Pilot in Command)
Note: this is the same course as Option 1, but with an additional 25 hrs solo flying. This course is suitable for trainees from some countries who are required to have accumulated 100 hrs solo before they can convert their FAA licence to their local licence.
Course fee: US$48,500.
Duration: 12 months

Please note:
Dual means Flight training with an instructor
Solo means Flight training with the student acting as pilot in command (ie no instructor)
Your course fee includes the follwing Flying Hours:
  • 15 hrs Cessna 152 solo with Option 1
    40 hours Cessna 152 solo with option 2
  • 5 hours Cessna 152 dual
  • 105 hours Cessna 172 dual
  • 10 hours Piper Arrow dual
  • 60 hours Cessna 172 solo
  • 40 hours Ground Trainer
  • 15 hrs dual Piper Seneca for Multi Engine Endorsement
To allow for all the incidental costs of pilot training, you will also need to allow a budget for your Student Pilot Support Kit

Student Pilot Support Kit: $8400

Your Support Kit includes the following items:
  • Flight test fees and licence issue for :
    • Private Pilot Licence
    • Commercial Pilot licence
    • Multi Engine Endorsement
    • Instrument Rating
  • Theory Training, exam fees & books for:
    • Private Pilot Licence
    • Commercial Pilot Licence
    • Instrumement Rating
    • All flight briefings by instructors
  • Equipment & Materials
    • Log books
    • Headsets
    • Navigation computer
    • Navigation ruler
    • Protractor
    • Maps/Charts
    • FAA documents
    • Flash Light
    • Uniform
    • Gatts Jar fuel tester

To apply, please complete this form online and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

For more information, contact Mdm Lily Kong at