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TAECO Training Centre
Study EASA Approved Basic Training Programs at TAECO

The new TAECO Training Center, located next to the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, is a 40 million USD investment by the Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd.

The TAECO Training Center, with a versatile team of nearly 70 full-time instructors, supports and renders training capabilities in a multitude of training courses for aircraft types, basic license, practical skills, aviation English, human factors and other aviation maintenance courses. Utilizing a comprehensive facility of standard practices workshop and aircraft components including Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney engines, B747 landing gears, B747-400 airframe, fuel tank, and B747 simulator, the Center can therefore simulate the real aircraft maintenance environment for optimal training effects. The TAECO Training Center not only addresses civil aviation knowledge and maintenance skills, but also cultivates work attitude, professionalism and teamwork.

The TAECO Training Center
  • blends the unique strengths of HAECO in Hong Kong/TAECO in Xiamen, and the advantages of the group resources of aircraft maintenance, landing gear overhaul and engine overhaul companies.
  • In addition offers affordable long-term accommodation and administrative support to visa application and renewal.

EASA Approved Basic Training Programs
For Categories B1.1 Aeroplanes Turbine and B2 Avionics
These 18-month training programs are applicable to engineering apprentices or secondary students ab-initio. Upon successful completion of either one of these, you can
  • Gain an EASA Part-147 Certificate of Recognition for Basic Training Course and/or Basic Examinations.
  • Shorten the years of experience for the issue of an EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence from 5 years to 2.
  • With the years of experience fulfilled, stand a good chance of obtaining the aforesaid Licence issued by UK-CAA.
  • Go on to take aircraft type courses and make such qualifications meaningful.
  • Eventually start your career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer given confidence and persistence.
Note that:
  • A category B1 aircraft maintenance license shall permit the holder to issue certificates of release to service following maintenance, including aircraft structure, powerplant and mechanical and electrical systems. Replacement of avionic line replaceable units, requiring simple tests to prove their serviceability, shall also be included in the privileges.
    Category B1 shall automatically include the appropriate A subcategory.
  • Category B1 shall automatically include the appropriate A subcategory. A category B2 aircraft maintenance license shall permit the holder to issue certificates of release to service following maintenance on avionic and electrical systems.
Program Features
  • Knowledge training delivered to EASA standards by a team of experienced professionals
  • Modern teaching methods integrating learning psychology and computer aids
  • High quality hands-on training utilizing a comprehensive facility of "standard practices" workshop and aircraft components, including Rolls-Royce and Pratt &Whitney engines, B747 landing gears, and fuel tank sections
  • Replication of real aircraft maintenance environment using a fixed-base B747 classic simulator and B747-400 section 42/46 mockup
  • Practical on-the-job training with access to commercial aircraft in TAECO hangars
  • Paperless module subject examinations directly at TAECO Training Center
An applicant for an aircraft maintenance license shall be at least 18 years of age and shall be at least high school level in a technical discipline with ability in reading English.

Students shall take the examination module by module organized by TAECO Training Center (EASA Part-66 Exam Site).

To apply, please complete this form online and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

Application Due Day: 30 days before the commencement of the Course.

For further information checkout our brochure here or you may also contact Mdm Lily Kong at