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Work and Travel USA Program / 工作兼旅游项目

Work and Travel USA Program
Work and Travel program provides university age students from around the world an opportunity to work with an American company and live in the United States for 3-4 months. This program is designed ONLY for university and college students
Participants are placed in locations throughout the United States in Amusement Parks, Resorts, Tourist Destinations, Ski resorts, and more.

We will help participants find affordable housing, orientation and outstanding support. Join us for a holiday to remember!

Work & Travel USA Program provides international university students the chance to work at entry-level, seasonal jobs in the United States for up to 4 months on a J-1 Visa. Participants are entitled to work, earn money and travel at the end of the work assignment. By working at a summer or winter job, you’ll have the chance to experience the U.S. as more than just a tourist and to share your own traditions and cultures with U.S. citizens and other participating students from around the world.

Program Duration Dates
You can enroll in the program during the period that coincides with your official university holiday in your home country.

SUMMER : May - October (last date of application: 15th March)
WINTER : November - April ( last date of application: 15th Oct)
SPRING : March - May (last date of application : 15th Jan)

Types of J1 Visa Jobs
Placement areas:
Paid positions are available in: amusement parks, food and beverage retail concessions, retail stores/shops in tourist towns, hotels, ski resorts, national parks and many others.

Types of jobs include but are not limited to:
Ski Lift operator, Hotel desk clerks, Lifeguards, Park services, Cooks, Dining room attendants, Game attendants, Fast food workers, Housekeeping, Kitchen Help, Ride Operators, Retail Staff, Dishwashing, Counter Staff, Wait Staff, Maintenance, etc.

Positions are available throughout the USA, mainly in big resort areas.

Work & Travel USA participants must be:
  • 18 to 28 years old
  • At least an intermediate level of English
  • Full-time university student at an institution in your native country (not in final year of studies - proof required)
  • Flexible, open-minded and hardworking
What You Get
  • Guaranteed work placement secured prior to arrival.
  • Hourly wage of at least $7 an hour
  • Paperwork coordination: J-1 Visa documentation.
  • Health/Travel insurance
  • Pre-departure orientation in your country
  • Housing assistance
  • 24 hours a day/7 days a week personal support
  • An emergency assistance telephone number
  • A month to travel in the USA after completion of your job
  • Access to tax refund services that will assist you in filing your taxes and help you in reclaiming any portion of the taxes paid in the U.S. that are due to you.

Agency Partner Duties
The role of the Agency Partner within the exchange visitor program shall include the responsibilities of:
  1. Recruiting qualified participant applicants.
  2. Guiding participant applicants through the application process
  3. Assisting participant applicants with obtaining their visa
  4. Coordinating a pre-departure program orientation for participants
Throughout the course of these duties, the Agency Partner shall:
  • Represent itself as a local marketing and service representative for the Program in accordance with DOS guidelines and regulations and standard procedures.
  • Screen and interview all participant applicants who meet the minimum requirements for participation.
    All participants must meet specific requirements for admission to the Program. The minimum requirements are:
    1. Be between the age of 18 and 28 years
    2. Be post-secondary school enrolled students
    3. Have at least intermediate English ability
    4. Be in Good Health
    5. Be free of any criminal record
    6. All students must have assigned job before departing from their home country
    7. Participants are seasonal employees of employing company and may not make unacceptable demands on their employer based on personal needs.
    8. Participants are responsible for the job duties set forth by Placement Confirmation, as well as rules outlined in the Participant Letter of Agreement.
    9. Participants are required by agreement to adhere to these guidelines.
    10. Participants may not refuse to perform reasonable job duties, nor may they choose to discontinue employment without advising us and agreeing to Sponsor's recommendation for appropriate course of action. Should a participant act outside of the terms of the Participant Letter of Agreement during the program term, it may be cause for dismissal and repatriation to their home country.
    11. Participants are guests of the United States. During their stay in the U.S. they must adhere to all local, state, and national laws as well as the rules of the employer as stated in any employer agreement arranged between participant and employer.
    12. Any participant choosing to travel during the 30-day grace period (for travelling around USA) must purchase an additional month of medical insurance prior to departing from their home country. If the participant chooses to travel during the 30-day grace period at end of visa term, it is the responsibility of the participantto comply with visa dates and depart from the United States before or on the last date of visa term.
    13. Participants must contact a coordinator should any problems arise with their employer or other party within the participants employer community.
    14. In the event that it becomes necessary to relocate a participant to a new employer during the course of the four-month program term, participants must cooperate in full with course of action and agree to relocate to said employer.
    15. Every participant must return to their home country no later than 30 days after the last day of their four-month program term (date indicated on DS form). The J-1 visa allows for this 30-day grace period for exchange visitors to return to their home country. Participants must discuss their departure date with their employer, and arrange a final date of employment prior to end of 30-day grace period.
    16. Participants are not allowed to take unauthorized paid employment during the program term.
    17. Participants are required to submit a SLEP test before an application is screened and processed for acceptance. A minimum SLEP score of 55 is required for acceptance on the program. (Or IELTS score)
    18. All participants MUST be currently enrolled in a university. If they already completed their university study, they are NOT eligible for enrollment on this program.

  • To explain, and ensure that participants understand, all issues covered in the Participant Letter of Agreement Form prior to the participants, signing the document, (submitted with participant application.
  • To assist participants in obtaining their visa by familiarizing your agency with the U. S. Embassy. To remain current with the visa application procedures.
  • To provide assistance with international and domestic airline tickets for the benefit of the participants.
  • To assure that all students depart with non-refundable round trip airline tickets.
  • To collect the Participant Program Fee prior to distributing DS-2019 Form, and wiring payment to the bank account provided by ES.
NET Program Fees
Application fee — $160 (nonrefundable) not included in program fees
Program fee — $690
Service Fees — $500
DHL fees will apply ($85 per package).
$20 bank charge must accompany each wire transfer.
Airport transfer (if required) - $150 one way

Application Deadline
All student applications must be received into the office by March 15 (for summer programs) and October 14 (for winter program ) , Jan 15 (for Spring programs). All applications received after that date will be charged a late application fee — $250.

Payment Schedule
All fees are due with application form.

A SEVIS Fee of $35.00 USD is required to process the DS 2019 form. If ES is requested to process and pay the SEVIS FEE, an additional $20.00 USD administrative fee is required for a total fee of $55.00 USD per participant.

Job Change Fee
There will be a $250.00 job change fee for any students who arrive on a self placement and require a change of job. All job change fees are due within two weeks of the job change. Failure to pay these fees may result in visa termination. Self-placed students requiring a change of job will have 5 days to locate new employment or risk early termination of the program. Students will be responsible for travel and housing costs at all times while on program.

Air Travel arrangements
International and domestic air travel arrangements shall be the sole responsibility of the Agency Partner or the participant. All international travel plans must be submitted to ES at least 7 days prior to departure from the participants home country. Failure to do so may result in cancelled DS-2019 forms.
Pre-departure orientations are required for all participants.

Required documents:

If you have any queries, please phone me, SMS/ text me at 93627018 or email me at