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List of China Universities - Mandarin Language
List of China Universities - Mandarin Language
The following is a list of China universities teaching Mandarin language to foreign students - taught in the English medium.

Please note all fees are subject to revision by the universities.

Tuition Fees (RMB)
Tsinghua University 51,000 Beijing
Business College of Beijing Union University 39,200 Beijing
Fudan University 75,000 Shanghai
Shanghai University 16,500 Shanghai
Shanghai Jiaotong University 18,200 Shanghai
Zhejiang University 18,000 Hangzhou, near Shanghai
Wuhan University 16, 500 Wuhan
Xiamen University 37,320 Xiamen
Hua Xiao University 14,000 Xiamen
Tianjin University of Commerce 15,000 Tianjin, near Beijing
Tianjin University 24,000 Tianjin, near Beijing
Guangxi Teachers Education University 18,000 Nanning
Gulin University of Technology 25,200 Gulin
South China University of Technology 30,750 Guangzhou
Zhong Shan University (Sun Yat Sen University)    

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