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List of China Universities - Master Programmes
List of China Universities - Master Programmes
The following is a list of China Universities teaching Master courses in the English medium.

Please note all fees are subject to revision by the universities.

Registration/ Application Fee (RMB)
Tuition Fees (RMB)
Accommodation fees (RMB)
Fudan University MBA
800 160,000 15000, Double 2 years Shanghai
Wuhan University International Law
400 25,000 3700, Double 2 years Wuhan
Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering
MS Geotechnical Engineering/
Structural Engineering/ Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
400 33,000 6000 Double 2 years Beijing
Dalian University of Technology Management Science and Engineering
400 24,500 6000 Double 2 years Dalian
Liaoning University of Technology MS Chemical Engineering
MS Mechanical Engineering
MS Vehicle Engineering
MS Materials Engineering
MS Power System and Automation
400 29,400 6000 Double 2 years Shenyang
Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University Campus in China, Degree awarded by UK Liverpool University
MSc Finance
Msc Multimedia Telecommunications
800 90,000 30,000 Single 2 years Suzhou

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