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The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, USA / 克利夫兰艺术学院,克利夫兰,俄亥俄州,美国
The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
The Cleveland Institute of Art is a premier college of art and design.
Please contact Mdm Lily Kong at
The Cleveland Institute of Art is an independent college of art and design committed to leadership and vision in all forms of visual arts education. Since 1882, we have been an educational cornerstone in Cleveland, Ohio and have won widespread acclaim for the quality of our programs and achievements of our alumni. Students are encouraged to explore their vision and develop their skills through an interdisciplinary curriculum.

Location and Campus
We are located in Cleveland’s University Circle, a major cultural hub that houses some 9,000 students. The Institute’s main studios are housed in a former Ford Model T factory, and all students work in their own private studio space.

The Institute has nearly 50 full-time and 40 adjunct faculty, all professional artists, designers, and scholars. The student-to-faculty ratio is 9:1.

Student Body
Approximately 500 undergraduate students from across the globe attend the Institute.

Students may enter as a freshman or as a transfer student (with advanced standing). Admission is based on a portfolio review, academic record, SAT or ACT scores, and recommendations.

Financial Aid
The Institute offers scholarships based on academic history and portfolio quality. Need-based aid is also available.

Accreditation and Membership
The Cleveland Institute of Art is accredited by the National Association of schools of Art and Design (NASAD), the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and the state of Ohio. CIA is a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD), a consortium of America’s specialized art and design colleges.

Programs of Study
The Cleveland Institute of Art offers 19 majors in art, design, craft, and integrated media. Each of these four-year undergraduate programs leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA). And if you’re interested in teaching, we offer a 4+1 degree program in partnership with Case Western Reserve University.
  • Foundation
    • CIA's Foundation program
  • Liberal Arts
    • Liberal Arts at CIA
  • Craft + Material Culture Majors
    • Ceramics
    • Enameling
    • Glass
    • Jewelry + Metals
  • Design Majors
    • Communication Design (Graphic Design)
    • Industrial Design
    • Interior Design
  • Integrated Media Majors
    • Animation
    • Biomedical Art
    • Game Design
    • Illustration
    • Photography
    • T.I.M.E. - Digital Arts
    • Video
  • Visual Arts + Technologies Majors
    • Drawing
    • Fiber + Material Studies
    • Painting
    • Printmaking
    • Sculpture

Your Creative Environment
As a creative thinker, you draw inspiration from the environment that surrounds you—so we have organized CIA’s curriculum into six areas of study that we call Environments. All students spend the first year in Foundation, building a solid set of art and design basics. Then you’ll choose a major in either Design, Craft + Material Culture, Visual Arts + Technologies, or Integrated Media. And throughout your time here, you’ll take classes in Liberal Arts.

Each major in an Environment maintains its own curriculum, while the Environment philosophy weaves throughout each major. Close interaction with faculty and students in majors throughout your Environment helps you develop a breadth of artistic vision to support your in-depth study of your discipline. Students share resources and ideas with the other majors in their Environment. And faculty reach across disciplines to promote integrative thinking and the expression of your ideas through multiple media. That’s how you’ll turn your inspiration into creative work that influences your world.

Our students come to CIA with an extraordinary variety of skill levels and artistic accomplishments. So we’ve developed a year-long Foundation curriculum that brings all students to an equal artistic footing. In this environment, you’re free to explore new methods of expression while acquiring a solid set of essential artistic skills in drawing, 2D and 3D design, digital art, and color. And in the spring you can choose one elective studio course related to your possible major.

Liberal Arts In order to create, you need not only art and design skills, but also the ideas behind them. So woven throughout each semester at CIA are courses in the humanities and social sciences—art history, English, philosophy, anthropology, psychology. Through it all you’ll get a rich understanding of the influence of culture and society on art throughout history. Plus, we offer two options for students who crave concentrated coursework in the liberal arts. Complete a Visual Culture Emphasis to enjoy extensive training in art history, theory, and criticism. Or opt for a Creative Writing Concentration if you want a career advantage in fields like illustration or film (or if you just love to write).

Craft + Material Culture
The material objects in our lives enrich our day-to-day experiences through the artistic expression and skilled craft of the maker. In the Craft + Material Culture Environment you’ll push the limits of both contemporary and traditional methods. You’re encouraged to take risks in your work and challenge the conventional use of material. The Craft + Material Culture Environment contains four majors: Ceramics, Enameling, Glass, and Jewelry + Metals.

The ad for your iPod, the interior of your favorite coffeehouse, and the car you dream of buying one day—all caught your eye because of their memorable design. CIA’s Design Environment teaches you the art of solving real-world problems through design. The Design Environment contains three majors: Communication Design (Graphic Design), Industrial Design, and Interior Design.

Integrated Media
Integrated Media is a robust interdisciplinary Environment that prepares you to communicate at the intersection of art, innovation, and technology. Collaboration and team projects are a vital part of the studio experience at CIA, so all IME students take core required courses together and exchange a variety of differing perspectives, various forms of communication, and awareness of multiple disciplines. The Integrated Media Environment contains seven majors: Animation, Biomedical Art, Game Design, Illustration, Photography, T.I.M.E. - Digital Arts, and Video. 

Visual Arts + Technologies
Through an integrated curriculum shared with all students in the VAT Environment, you’ll gain broad knowledge in the field of visual arts to strengthen your in-depth knowledge of your chosen practice. Your coursework and studio practice will be enriched as you pursue collaborations and shared coursework in the other disciplines that make up the VAT Environment. In the spring you have an opportunity to travel to New York during an annual VAT trip, where you’ll experience firsthand professional galleries and exhibitions such as the Whitney Biennial and the Armory Show. And you’ll have access—both through courses and individual interaction—to the VAT Artist-in-Residence, who is an artist working at the top of his or her field. The Visual Arts + Technologies Environment contains five majors: Drawing, Fiber + Material Studies, Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture.

4+1 Teaching Degree
If you’re interested in taking your art and design talents into a classroom of your own—as a K-12 art educator—you can do that here at CIA. Our academic partnership with our campus neighbor, Case Western Reserve University, offers the collaborative programs and degree-bearing coursework that will lead to a master’s degree in art education. Once you earn your BFA from CIA, you can apply to CWRU to become a licensed visual arts teacher with only one additional year of study. In this extra year you will have access to the resources of a comprehensive university as you develop essential leadership and teaching skills. Through this program, many of CIA’s students have gone on to become committed, knowledgeable and creative professionals in art education.


  Fall Spring
Tuition* $15,880 $15,880
Estimated Fees* 1,146 976
Room** 3,258 3,258
Board** 2,419 2,419
Direct Costs Sub-Total $22,703 $22,533
Books & Supplies*** 1,025 1,025
Transportation*** 712 713
Personal/Other Fees*** 991 991
Indirect Costs Sub-Total $2,728 $2,729
Cost of Attendance Total $25,431 $25,262

Total Attendance costs for 2 semesters (1 year ) = US $ 50, 693.

To apply, please complete this form online and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

The Cleveland Institute of Art is a premier college of art and design. Please contact Mdm Lily Kong at