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IED, Istituto Europeo di Design , Italy / 欧洲设计学院,意大利
IED,Istituto Europeo di Design , Italy
For information on the range of courses and the fee details
Please contact Mdm Lily Kong at
IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, organizes master courses, one and three-year bachelor degree courses in fashion, marketing, visual communication and management. It is an elite school of design in Italy.

Milan is the home of Made in Italy, of design in its broadest sense of creative culture, ranging from the decorative arts and industrial products to jewellery and food design.

Milan is the home of the creative economy, capable of generating new wealth and intellectual property: patents, copyright, brand names, registered designs. The work done by the design industry is so intense here that it acts as a driving force, even for traditional manufacturing activities.

Milan is the city of the graphic designers, the industrial designers and the architects, but also the stylists, the entrepreneurs and the publishers who have written the history of Italian culture.

Milan today is the nerve centre of publishing and advertising, of Italy ’s hi-tech businesses and of all the entrepreneurial activities triggered by the development of new technologies.

It was in this cultural and manufacturing context, so deeply rooted in the Made in Italy philosophy, yet so thoroughly international in its mindset, that Francesco Morelli established the Istituto Europeo di Design in 1966.

A Design School founded for the purpose of training young creatives to learn theory and practice with passion, open mind and enthusiasm, to make their dreams come true, designing the products and the shapes of the future.

Three-Year Courses are post-secondary school courses with obligatory attendance, designed for a limited number of students who want to take their talent and creativity and transform them into a profession, as well as to acquire knowledge as a means of constructing the personal, professional and social project for their own lives. The training aims at achieving three basic objectives: knowledge of technologies, of materials and of design culture, the ability to understand the market and its requirements and the ability to communicate the qualities of design.

The first year is devoted to acquiring the basic methodology necessary for students to adopt the right approach to creative work. In the years that follow, there is a more intense focus on design activities developed on the base of real client briefs, supported by the guidance of lecturers and by the supervision of consultants in the field in question. The well-established relationship between IED and the working world enables students to take part in events, seminars and competitions: often real working experience that culminates in dissertation projects. This stimulates students to acquire critical skills, to operate independently, to make decisions and to relate to the client, just as they would do in their real professional careers.

Master courses
The courses are addressed to newly-graduated students and practising professionals. IED Masters launch professionals that have the abilities to:
  • deal with the complexity of the contemporary world
  • consciously tackle the new requirements of production
  • open windows onto potential new worlds
  • interact competently in professional circumstances
These advanced study program with flexible curricula are designed to cater for the increasing complexity of the labour market.

One-year courses
Held in English, the courses in this one-year full immersion are designed to enable students to experiment and pick up the basic tools of design. Theory lessons are accompanied by creative workshops, visits to firms, trade fairs and industrial events and meetings with practising professionals.

The result is an effective concentrate of experiences, ideal above all for foreign students who want to invest a limited amount of time in acquiring key skills for building their professional profiles and gaining concrete experience in close contact with the Made in Italy system, without ruling out the possibility of continuing their studies later.

Summer Courses
If you have already started work and are interesting in broadening your horizons of expertise and giving your CV a more competitive edge, then this is an ideal formula for you.

Every year, during June and July, the IED Group offers intermediate and advanced courses in the fields of Fashion, Design and Visual Arts. These courses are held either in English or Spanish and generally last from three to four weeks.

They are a perfect solution for those who desire to combine their spare time during holidays with a new stimulating experience. Following a precise methodology and guided by professors, who are all professionals from the chosen field, students will experience the development of a project specific to their interests.

Continuing study program
These are typically very flexible modular courses with diversified didactic contents: features that enable personal curricula to be organised to suit each individual’s specific requirements. Evening attendance from a minimum of one to a maximum of five days a week, duration from one to nine months, the restricted numbers and the fact that the lecturers are all practising professionals are just some of these courses’ distinctive traits.

The topics tackled may be dealt with differently from one location to another in terms of formula, duration and depth.

IED Moda is a complete, exhaustive response to the increasingly diversified and specialised training requirements expressed by the fashion system.

A complete school in its own right, based on the principle of cross-fertilisation and the completeness of its teaching methods which, in line with IED philosophy, combines knowledge with know how, theory with practice.

Fundamental to this approach is the school’s relationship with the entrepreneurs and professionals working in the Italian fashion business, the world’s largest concentration of clothing industrialists and creatives. The people who work in this industry have achieved success and international renown as a result of the fashion system’s ability to blend an entrepreneurial spirit with creativity and a perception for innovation Fashion

IED Moda points the way for its students to live and feel this sense of fashion, in an embracing whole and in its individual parts, as an interaction between different perspectives and a combination of diverse professional skills. As the courses aim at training the professional profiles vital to the industry, these range from the more purely creative to the strategic areas, from organisational to commercial aspects, from marketing to image and communications work

ED Moda in Milan: Via Pomepo Leoni 3
This is a 4,000 m² structure located in an area of the city that is now undergoing rapid property and urban development.

The Seat houses all the Three-Year Courses, the refresher and specialisation courses and the Masters organised by IED Moda Milano and it is the largest structure in Italy devoted entirely to a fashion school.

The campus has numerous equipped lecture halls, several workshops, common rooms, a library and an extensive garden containing a 900 m² theatre used for exhibitions, fashion shows and other events. A structure unlike any other, this is the only school of fashion in Italy to have its own large theatre, where it can hold the final presentation of its students’ work, in exhibitions and shows that are open to the public.

More than 200 Italian and international practising professionals and academics hold courses here every year, always keeping one step ahead of the real evolution taking place in world of fashion, a milieu in which Milan is one of the world’s most accredited centres.

IED Design is the school’s concrete and complete response to the countless and diversified requirements of the professional design community.

These days, design is a crucial constituent in every area of production, contributing contents, lexica, codes of expression and of form and technical and functional aspects.

Street furnishings, fashion accessories, automobiles and IT hardware are just some of the fields where appreciation of the value of design has shot up in recent years.

The designer is by definition an innovator of forms and functions, an interpreter and at the same time a precursor of emerging aesthetic lines and of contemporary functional requirements.

The courses at IED Design are tailored to develop these gifts, while at the same time favouring the acquisition of extensive technical and design skills in the course of workshops and numerous active partnerships with leading industrial concerns

Visual Communication
IED Visual Communication is the creative lab where one can learn about the instruments, the specific language and expressions, new techniques and the technology needed in order to develop a visual communications project.

We live in a world where images and sounds pervade our daily existence and are the primary vehicles we use to transmit values and significance of our ideas and products, which between them are so diverse, such as fashion, design, different types of industrial production, and advertising; but also cultural, political and social fields.

The way a concept or project is ‘presented’, is no longer considered just an accessory. It determines and contributes significantly to the success of the communication of a message. Knowing how to operate in this environment with professionalism and competence means you possess an eclectic and varied cultural background, based on a deep understanding of both the social-cultural aspects of the situation, as well as the new information technologies which are continually changing the role of the images and sounds of communication itself.

Today, one designs and produces within the system of multimedia, but multimedia must be considered from two points of view; the impulsive and constant changing of digital technology, and at the same time, the coexistence of other types of media which require other skills and creative competencies.

The courses offered in IED Visual Communication are a source of continuing pride and make this school unique in the panorama of Italian educational programs.

The continuous technological updates which students have access to, following a long and historic tradition, make this school a research laboratory where one can experiment in order to develop higher creative skills, both in relation to the contents of the program, as well as the language, thereby helping to form and qualify its students and prepare them for the job market of today.

IED School Of Management
IED Management Lab is the first IED platform dedicated to training in the management of creativity in business processes.

It proposes an alternative model to the traditional schools of economics, commercial studies and communication, concentrating mainly on the needs of creativity and artistic sensibilities which Italy is so famous for throughout the world.

IED Management Lab proposes management training in which “design thinking” is the prevalent theme. This creative approach, typical in the world of design, conditions the management and financial aspects of all businesses and which are a natural part of any business study experience. The objective of the school is to train a manager who will be capable of promoting and managing, as a part of the management team in a creative or more traditional company, the development process of new products and services, taking a leading strategic role. In this sense, this path of study represents an evolution in the traditional figure of a design manager, which aims to broaden his competence in terms of strategy, services, management and marketing.

All of the courses offered by the IED Management Lab are strongly attuned to the themes of sustainable development, both from an environmental as well as a social point of view: the courses are designed with the theme of sustainability present in every aspect of the educational process, so that aside from having in common just the principles of what is right and necessary, it actually constitutes an integral part of the total identity of the IED School of Management.

Course Titles:
  • Fashion Design
  • Shoes and Accessories Design
  • Streetwear Design
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Fashion Communication
  • Product and Retail Management
  • Interior Design
  • Light Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Transportation Design
  • Yatch Design
  • Car Design
  • Product Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Jewellery Design
  • Media Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Advertising and Communication
  • Computer Generated Animation
  • Video Design
  • Filmmaker
  • Publications – Art and Copywriting
  • Brand Management and Communication
  • Account and Brand Management
Tuition Fees:
12,000 to 15,000 Euros a year.

To apply, please complete this form online and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

For information on the range of courses and the fee details, Please contact Mdm Lily Kong at