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MBBS in Hebei
Hebei Medical University - Study MBBS at low fees of RMB 25000

Hebei Medical University was established in 1894, and is one of the oldest universities in China. They established the first medical journal, "Renshen Medicine", edited the first "Anatomy of Human Body System" and discovered the acute motor axonal neuropathy in the world.

Presently, it is ranked as one of the top 20 universities in China, and in medical education, it is ranked among the top.

It is one of the few universities in China to teach MBBS in the English medium, and to be given the authorisation to issue student visas to foreign students.

Listed in the "World Directory of Medical Schools" published by WHO, The International Medical Education Directory (IMED), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), graduates are eligible to sit for USMLE of USA, PLAB of UK and Medical Council Exam of any country in the world.

Internationally Recognised
  • WHO
  • MCI
  • ECFMG in USA
  • IMED
  • Approved by China's MOE to teach MBBS in English and authorised to take in foreign students
Hebei Medical University is recognised by the Indian government and many other governments.Indian Students have to take a letter from MCI permitting him to study at Hebei Medical University before departure. And as it is one of the 30 universities recognised by the Indian government, students can get permission from MCI easily. After completing the course, students have to take the MCI examinations, and after passing the exams, they can practise as doctors.

Course Duration
The course duration is 5 years theory and practical laboratory practises, followed by one year of clinical and hospital attachment. (Total : 6 years)

Tuition Fees
MBBS is usually RMB 30,000 a year.
However, students who enrolled through Pacific Region Education Consultants or its authorised agents , pays tuition fee of RMB 25,000 only or US$3685!
(Discount of about US$1000)

Postgraduate programmes in Medicine, Dentistry, Surgery etc is RMB 40000 or about US$6000 a year.
However, applicants through Pacific Region Educations or its authorised agents pays RMB 29000 or US$4000 only!
(Discount of about US$2000)

Accommodation Fees:
  • RMB 2500 or US$368.50 (4 to a room)
  • 4500 or US$663.30 (2 to a room) a year
  • Food costs RMB 15 a day or US$2 a day

About This University
Hebei Medical University owns 6 hospitals,with more than 4500 sick beds. In addition, there are other 16 secondary hospitals, 60 teaching hospitals and internship bases, 8 libraries, 8 provincial research institutes and 9 kinds of academic publications edited and published by the university.

Presently, there are about 400 international students in Hebei Medical University from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mauritus, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. They have been recruiting international students since 2004. Their first batch of students recruited in 2004 have successfully passed the country's medical doctor qualifying exams and are practising in India, Nepal, Korea, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine etc. 5 of the students in the 2004 batch have gone to USA for their Postgraduate Training in USA hospitals.

Visa requirements and letter of Offer - submit copies of high school diploma and high school mark sheet, passport copy and photo, information of your funds guarantee, certificate of good character (letter of guarantee from parents, employer or bank, certificate of good character from school or agent), your home address and telephone number, University Insurance Application Form and University Enrolment form and Registration fee of RMB 800.

Within 10 working days, Admission letter and JW202 form will be sent to the student. The student should take the Admission letter and JW202 form to China embassy and apply the X visa. Then the student can take the X visa and arrive at the university.

Please note that there is a International Relations Development fee of US$2000, in addition to the tuition fees.

Commencement Date: September, November, March, May.

Interview with a Indian student studying in Hebei Medical University

Hello mam, it was nice meeting u today.

Q. What is it like being a student in HMU?
A. Well being as a student of Hebei Medical University, I feel very proud, because this university is one of the oldest and world wide accepted. The best thing is that, after coming here it's a good cultural exchange as well as a new exposure to new world. We came to know about new therapy, new Chinese as well as Western drugs, new research and many new modern machines, which we have opportunity to use in the hospitals.

Q. Who are the faculty members?
A. If you talk about faculty members than i will say that our batch was lucky enough that we got the faculty member that included Dr. Pranjpay for Pharmacology from city Nagpur., Dr. Sandhya Avadhani[Physiology]from St. Jones Medical College Banglor., Dr N.N Khanna [Surgery] from Banaras Hindu University, Dr M.P Singh from Kanpur, Dr Sanjay D Cruz [Medicine] H.O.D from Chandigarh Hospital. Dr.Tashfeen Sadik [Surgery] from Pakistan ..........

Q. What other positive experiences have you had?
A. Another positive experience - I learn new language as well as I learn how to work on modern machine.

Q. Is it recognized by W.H.O?
A. Yes, it is recognized by W.H.O as well as by Indian govt.

Q. Are you happy studying there?
A. Yes, I  am happy. Initially, I have a little bit difficulty in communication due to language barrier but it now solved, we have interpreters now. Over all i'm satisfied. We are also assisting the operations in the hospitals because doctors are very cooperative, and willing to share their experiences .

Q. How is it compared to studying in India?
A. It is equally good as India and I m satisfied with all arrangements given by our management............... so I am happy to recommend that students study MBBS in China.

Thank you.

To apply, please complete this form online and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact Mdm Lily Kong at