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Nagasaki Wesleyan University (Japan)
Nagasaki Wesleyan University

Nagasaki Wesleyan University opened in 2002 in commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the founding of Chinzei Gakuin in response to the strong wishes of - and with the robust support of - sister schools worldwide as well as its local community.
At Nagasaki Wesleyan University, we see our mission as fostering the development of global citizens who will link local communities and the world.
To that end, our programs emphasize not only the study of knowledge and technology related to social welfare, but also hands-on experience in the real world. Among other advantages, this approach provides an opportunity to master a broad array of communication skills, including proficiency in English and other languages.
Nagasaki Wesleyan University offers a unique opportunity for a 2 semester (15 weeks per semester) study in Japan. The university provides a full curriculum of Japanese language, arts, combined with field trips, volunteer activities and socio-cultural affairs with local community and organizations.
Japanese - Period of study: one year / tuition fee: 550000 Yen

To apply, please complete this form online and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact Mdm Lily Kong at