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University of New England, Armidale, Australia / 新英格兰大学,阿米代尔,澳大利亚
University of New England, Armidale, Australia
For information on Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses, or research in Education, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, Management, Science, Technology and Engineering
Please contact Mdm Lily Kong at
The University of New England was originally established in 1938 as the New England University College, a College of the University of Sydney. It became fully independent in 1954.

The University of New England is a research lead teaching university with prominent courses such as education, law and medicine on offer.

In research, among many areas, it is particularly active in agricultural science, economics, linguistics and archaeology. The university averages approximately 700 PhD candidates at a given time

UNE undertakes fundamental and applied research in many disciplines. Its scholars and scientists have established international reputations through their contributions in areas such as rural science, agricultural economics, educational administration, linguistics and archaeology. Collaborative research with other institutions includes projects with the CSIRO and the high profile Cooperative Research Centres. Through its research UNE seeks to assist in the economic, social and cultural advancement of Australia and in the advanced training of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

UNE's principal research flagship is Animal Genetics which is serviced by the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU) and delivered commercially by the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI).

Other targeted areas of research include:
  • Environmental and Agricultural Change: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation; Marine and Freshwater Biodiversity; Terrestrial Biodiversity; Natural Resource Management; Rural Futures; Australian Fauna; Vegetation Research; Sustainable Agriculture; Agricultural Genetics; Animal Research
  • Rural Health: Rural Medicine; Health Services Management; Bioactive Materials; Health Psychology; Gender, Health and Sexuality
  • Rural and Regional Education: School Science and Mathematics Education; School English and Literacy Education; Special Education and Diversity in Schools
  • Economics and Public Policy: Agricultural Economics; Applied Economics and Policy; Local Government; Business and Management; Higher Education Management and Policy
  • Asia Pacific Region : Failing States – Rising States; Empowering People, Developing Infrastructure; Conflict and Governance; Peace Studies; Migration
  • Frontiers and Boundaries: Australia's Regional Frontiers; The Arts, Media, Culture and Society; Ancient Societies; Language and Cognition; Believing and Thinking; Mathematics, Nonlinear and Complex Analysis
  • Law: Natural Resources Law and Policy; Law and Institutional Arrangements for Rural Communities
  • Security: Crime, Criminology and Justice; Biosecurity; IT Security
  • Water Perspectives: Water through History - Water Stories; Water Policy; Water Resources

To apply, please complete this form online and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

For information on Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses, or research in Education, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, Management, Science, Technology and Engineering, please contact Mdm Lily Kong at