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Singapore Government School Placement Service

Our Singapore Government School Placement Service provides an academically challenging and culturally relevant Singapore homestay program for international students.

We work with parents and students around the world to find a quality, government school in Singapore.

To facilitate the educational process, we  provide exceptional homestay placements with Singapore families, thereby giving the student a good cultural experience. Each family involved has met stringent guidelines to ensure the quality and success of each student's stay.

Director of Operations is Mdm Lily Kong. She has been involved in education for more than 22 years. With her knowledge of school functioning and family relationships, Mdm Kong Lily provides guidance and insight into the role the company plays in its selection and placement of students with schools and homestay families in Singapore.

Why do students want to come to the Singapore to study?

   1. Receive Internationally recognized education qualifications
   2. Experience cosmopolitan Singapore Culture
   3. Learn English, the international language  well.
   4. Become a global citizen
   5. Study in  Safe and Clean Singapore

Note: Mothers can accompany their children studying in Singapore on dependent passes, and mothers can work legally in Singapore from the second year of their dependent pass, when their children are away in school.

English Language Requirements
Students are NOT required to be fluent in English. However, it must be noted that the inability to communicate effectively does inhibit the transmission of information and knowledge. Therefore it is recommended that all students study and gain the highest level of English proficiency possible.

Students unable to study English at home are encouraged to take a  English class through the PREC organization. The proficiency gained will be monumental in helping further the educational experience of the students involved.

Application fee : S$250 (Non Refundable)
Enrolment Fee : S$250 (Non Refundable)
Administration Fee : S$1000
Tuition and Homestay Fees : S$1200 – S$2000 a month
Airport Pick up Fee : S$50 (if applicable)

Travel Costs
All students are responsible for their own travel costs to and from  Singapore. However, PREC can help with travel plans if necessary.

Who can Apply?
All students age 6 – 18

Who are the host families/Guardians?
The host families represent varied economic and racial backgrounds. Homestay parents include working parents, single parents,  and even couples without children. They are warm, nurturing individuals that are international travelers themselves, or would like to be. They wish to share their home and their nation with a young person from another part of the world. They are interested in learning about other cultures and eager to share their own. They are excited about making an international student a part of their family and a member of their community.

Homestay families are expected to provide a separate bed and a quiet place for the student to study. If a separate bedroom is available, that is wonderful but not required. Homestay families are also to provide three meals per day and local transportation to and from school. Homestay families are to treat their international student as a family member - Communicate with them openly, provide love and encouragement, and instruction when necessary. Assign them chores, rules, and privileges as you would any family member.

What is expected of students?
Students are expected attend school faithfully and respect rules and regulations of the school, as well as the host family. They are expected to respect authorities, participate actively as a member of the family, school, neighbourhood and the country.

What can you expect of PREC?
PREC works diligently to monitor students admitted to the program and to make the best matches possible between homestay families and students. PREC coordinators meet, greet, and orient new students and families so their experiences can be the best possible. We work to clarify the expectations of all involved and uncover any misunderstandings that may occur while providing ongoing support and advice to all concerned.

Cancellation Policies
Students withdrawing from the program for any reason before its conclusion will be charged according to the following refund policy.

If a student cancels before the program begins, 70 percent of the School and Homestay Fee paid is refundable.

If a student leaves the program within 30 days of its beginning, 50 percent of the School and Homestay Fee paid is refundable.

After 30 days OR in the event of being required to leave the program because of faulty documents, failure to obey program rules, or being charged with a criminal act in Singapore , no refund is provided.